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So, yoga was great last week, although it totally kicked my ass.  This was less of the gentle, stretching yoga that I had learned in my previous town, and more of a hard-core, fast moving yoga designed to turn your abs into washboards.  It still contained enough stretches that I think I’ll be happy with it.

It brought up a new question for me, however, as I was glancing around and noticing that I was one of the older people in the room . . .  Is there a dress code for faculty when exercising at the predominantly student gym?  It seems pretty easy for dudes of any age – shorts and a T-shirt.  As long as they aren’t super-short shorts, you’re probably fine.  My workout clothes (for yoga or strength-training) usually consist of a tight shirt and leggings, though, which are a bit more revealing.  This is a functional choice, for the most part, as I find that loose clothes get in the way too much when I’m doing yoga poses or twisting around with weights.  Because I think my clothing should be functional, and that exercise is necessary, I guess I come down on the side of dressing however I feel like when I’m in the gym or running.  I’d be interested to know if people feel otherwise, but that’s what I’m going to go with.  (By the way, there is a great post on fitness clothing at Fit and Feminist that really informed my thoughts on this issue.)

The thing that I’m struggling with more is whether it’s appropriate for me to walk back to my office in said workout clothes.  The office/lab is my professional arena, and while I wouldn’t hesitate to wear casual clothes on the weekends or at night, I’m not sure that tight, sweaty leggings are the best choice.  I usually work out in the evening, so by the time I make it back to my office it’s after 6pm.  I kind of consider that to be “after hours”, but there are definitely still undergrads around (our building is right by the dorms).  I don’t hang around, but I do have to pick up my work stuff before heading home, so I’m around for a while and visible as I walk in and out of the building.  It would be a huge PITA to change back to regular clothing in the gym just for the sake of the 15 minutes I might be in the science building.  I don’t know – should I invest in some CYA gear?

One interesting thing (to me) about all this is that I don’t think I’ve ever seen any examples of what to do.  I’ve had two women and two men advisors now, but I don’t think I’ve seen any of them exercise outside of hiking.  They either didn’t exercise or they did so before or after work, so that there was never any intersection between the activities.  I guess I’ll just wing it and keep an eye out for any clues as I go along.