Well, it’s hilarious in a sad way.  Because I’ve been engrossed in the details of trying to set up a lab, I’ve gotten completely behind on my literature.  Luckily, this study in PNAS was brought to my attention (h/t to Potnia Theron).  You should read the article if you have access to the PNAS site (I don’t know if it’s behind a paywall or not), but it basically shows that if you send out an identical resume with either a male or female name on it, both men and women will rank the male as more qualified, more hireable, and offer him a higher starting salary.  This general pattern has been shown before, of course, but this is focused on people in academics (the position is for a lab manager), so it has additional implications for the dearth of women in science.

Sean Carroll has a post on the article as well, which is attracting a lot of comments.  One of the comments, by an individual who identified as TW, justified hiring men over women (with the exact same qualifications) by stating the following:

The woman on average worked harder to get the same qualification, leaving a man with a greater potential for growth.

As mentioned before, women are more conscientiousness. Across my student years, many just got better marks, because they did homework well and studied more regularly. Even though some got better marks than myself for example, I always felt they were closer to their limits.

To which I say: WTF? What the fucking fuck?  This d00d assumes that if men and women have all the same grades, and same qualifications, that men still have some mystical untapped potential?  And that you should hire them because (as another commenter stated), they will someday become less lazy and actually work up to that untapped potential?  BWAHAHAHAHAHA!  This makes me want to laugh that someone would be stupid enough to think that, and sad that it basically makes them think that even the least qualified male is somehow magically smarter and more capable than just about any women.

Obviously, I have a lot more that I can and will say about this topic, but I just had to share this tidbit today.