Oops – sorry about missing my Monday posting last week!  That was lame-a-thon.  Seriously, though, I don’t understand how some people manage to post more than once a week.  Anyway, my (lame) excuse is that we had visitors in town, so my weekend was sucked away.  I also had time-intense activities the weekend before that and this weekend, so I’m looking forward to not having any commitments next weekend (other than work).

The thing is, I’m sure I could make my weekends more efficient and get more work done even with these other activities, but I like having a few days of the week where I don’t have to be anywhere at a certain time or feel pressured to do any one thing in particular.  I know that this lowers my productivity a great deal, but I like to think it gives me a ‘reset’ from the week.  This might have to change, though, given how behind I’m getting on various commitments.

In fact, I’m beginning to think that this unstructured-weekend idea is one of those things that I assume about myself but haven’t really tested.  It’s like telling yourself that watching TV is relaxing, when it’s really not helping you to unwind mentally (or something like that, I’m not trying to pick on TV in particular).  Maybe I’d feel happier and more relaxed at the end of a weekend if I actually got my ass out of bed earlier and scheduled enough time to get things done rather than just hoping they would happen magically . . .

One thing I know for sure is that I need to be willing to keep trying new time-management techniques as things change.  I know that different techniques work for different people, and I also know I can get into some bad ruts where I just keep trying to handle things the same way even though it’s not working for me.  Actually, this reminds me of my music lesson last week, where my teacher talked to me about a technique to practice in a time-efficient manner.  I’ve never actually been taught how to practice before (except how to use a metronome), so that was a real eye-opener for me.  It was a good reminder that even something like learning music can (hopefully) happen within a reasonable amount of time.