I’m not gonna lie to you folks (like, all three people who read this) – I had a shitty week last week.  I got a cold, had someone drop an 18 lb bodybar on my bare foot, and also had few personal issues come up that I’m not going to write about here.  I think I’ve dealt with things pretty well, considering, but I’ve got nothing of value to report to you other than what’s in the title.  You are welcome to tell me about your shitty week in the comments.

May I just say, however, that I find daylight saving time to be a cruel joke for runners?  I hate using a treadmill, and will gladly run outside in very cold weather, but I really can’t do it in the dark.  Here’s a before and after comparison of how my normal 5pm run looks in relation to sunset:

Calendar before and after DST

WTF, Daylight Savings?

So, yeah, that’s all I’ve got.  I hope to be back to more insightful complaining next week.