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What, you don’t call it Tofurkey Day?  You don’t even eat Tofurkey?  How sad!  You should really try it someday.  Or you should just try Thanksgiving without the turkey.  My impression is that most people look forward to the side-dishes more, anyway, followed by pie.  Shaggy and I had a great Thanksgiving with our friends from Gradtown, where I did my PhD.  We’ll call them The Officiators, since they married Shaggy and I around five years ago now.  We’ve been spending every Thanksgiving with them for several years now, although we can’t really remember exactly how long.

Random thought 1: We rocked the food this year.  Tofurkey with stuffing, candied sweet potatoes, veggie gravy, Brussels’s sprouts, mashed potatoes, rolls, cranberry pear sauce, and pumpkin pie.  I finally made a good pumpkin pie filling by following the Libby’s recipe rather than some fancy recipe from William’s-Sonoma (thanks for the tip, Mom!).  Heh.

Random thought 2: During one of our meals together, it came up that the age of 34 has been the turning point for at least two women who thought they weren’t interested in having kids suddenly becoming interested in having kids.  Turns out that my 34th birthday is in the spring, so I am fascinated to see if the same thing happens to me (although, I’ll just say right now that I doubt it).  If only there were some scientific way to measure this other than me just self-reporting my emotions about it.  We’ll see what happens – I’m just putting you all on notice.  Hopefully I’ll remember I talked about it after my birthday.

Random thought 3: I know everyone has written about this approximately 1.2 million times before, but it’s hard to go back to work after a break.  Even if you like your job.  (If you don’t feel this way, I don’t want to hear about it – you’re like one of those frugality bloggers who hates shopping.  We have nothing in common on this one.)

How was your Tofurkey/Turkey/Thanksgiving Day?