Okay, this isn’t really just in, but it’s new to me (h/t to Feministe).  Apparently Richard Cohen of the Washington Post watched the most recent James Bond movie, and now feels sad that he won’t get hot, young chicks if he doesn’t have a six pack.  Based on Cohen’s view of the world, movies (and maybe life?) in the good old days represented a “sexual meritocracy” (yes, he really does say that), where smart older men could reliably count on getting younger, beautiful women in bed with an insult and a wink.  Okay, I made that last part up myself, but has anyone actually watched these movies?  Cohen gushes over Cary Grant in “North by Northwest”, but what about “Philadelphia Story”, where the movie begins with Grant shoving Katharine Hepburn down by smashing his hand into her face?  She’s back in love with him by the end of the movie, of course – domestic violence is just part of the artful courtship process!

You should definitely read the column – it’s pretty short, and really full of self-satisfied comic gems like “Every rippling muscle is a book not read, a movie not seen or a conversation not held.”  Lord knows what Cohen thinks of the ladiez, who not only have to exercise to maintain an unrealistic standard of weight and muscle mass, but also do the billions of other things they are supposed to do to stay pretty enough to draw his eye.

Really, though, the whole thing could have been slightly redeemed if Cohen had made any effort, at all, to relate this inkling of feeling to what women experience every day for their whole f-ing lives.  Feel inadequate physically, Mr. Cohen?  Welcome to the other 50% of the world.