My three faithful readers will remember a recent post in which I admitted that I was freaking out.  I am happy to report that I am nearly through with this super-freak-out time of the year, with the following results to date:

  • I’ve submitted my activity report for evaluation by the department/dean.  (I think I have, anyway – it’s “in the interdepartmental mail”, as they say.)
  • I allowed my SRO access to my NSF preproposal on Sunday night.  Of course, today was a holiday, so I don’t think they did anything with it, but it’s officially something I’m not going to mess with any more.  w00t!
  • My fabulous colleague and I hosted our first session at the socially awkward conference I mentioned last week. How did it go, you ask? Why, standing room only. Yes, we do rock.
  • I am making progress on the mechanics of my giant Genetics course.  Now I just have to madly work on content for the rest of the semester.  Heh.  That will never end.

So, things are getting better here.  However, I have made a sacrifice in the form of my ass. Really, I have hardly run 10 miles since Christmas, and I haven’t gone to the gym at all.  I am going to be so sore when I start yoga and weights again next week.  Also, I seem to be dealing with this stress by purchasing awesome shoes.  Dr. Isis, I hope you approve:


b.o.c Women’s Cayden Boot – in black


Fergalicious Alanis Too Flat – in grey (although it’s also partially purple)

So, I hope you  are all recovering from holiday/preproposal/semester beginnings.  If you’re having trouble, some awesome shoes might help.