So, it is kind of funny that I posted about how my freaking-out was nearly under control, and then never posted again.  Heh.  Anyway, after I wrote that post, I was instantly consumed by a battle with the hydra of my first big lecture class.  Having made it through the semester in passible form, I have to say that I’m not sure how you can actually prep for more than one new course at a time and survive (although I know that people do it and do it well).

Since the big course was the thing that prevented me from getting any blogging done this last semester, I thought I might provide you with some choice student actions that have been sucking up my time.  Below, I present some items that I dealt with other than the grind of preparing three lectures and one quiz or test every week:

  • A student calling me right before my very first lecture asking to get into the class (ze needed my permission).  Said student did not actually pass the class in the end, which was pretty annoying for both of us.
  • A student calling me right before the first exam, wanting to take it later due to a condition that they knew existed and did not inform me about previously.
  • A student claiming that ze had taken the online quiz, which ze had not, forcing me to track down their website activity and send them a screenshot of it to make them stop bugging me about it.
  • Students asking for points back on the first exam right before the final (clearly not in accordance with class policy, as listed in the dreaded syllabus, which no one reads).
  • A student telling me that ze actually has a very high IQ, but just didn’t have enough time to study for my class. Srsly.
  • And, finally, winning the clueless email award: “Was wondering what time the final is?” This was sent the night before the final at about 9pm.  The final had, of course been on the syllabus since the very first day of class.

This is only a sample of the hilarious and annoying situations that happened over the course of the semester.  Of course, only about 10% of the class did these annoying things, and by and large the students were actually surprisingly interested, respectful, and otherwise awesome.  I think I was pretty lucky, given that: 1) the class was over 100 students, 2) most of them didn’t actually want to take it (it’s required for the major), and 3) I was teaching it for the first time.

I am really glad that I won’t be teaching it for the first time ever again.